Cross & Joftus assists Hawaii Department of Education in developing employee performance/evaluation system

With our partner UPD, we are leveraging our many years of experience in classroom walkthroughs to help HDE in its efforts around teacher evaluation and improvement. Read more

Kansas Commissioner Speaks About KLN Success

Watch Diane DeBacker, Kansas Commissioner of Education, as she speaks to the KLN Network at the June 2011 Kansas Learning Network Meeting. Diane discusses the great progress the KLN districts have made over the last year and how their efforts are paying off for Kansas students.

Cross & Joftus Selected as Service Provider for Schools in Need of Improvement in Texas and Illinois

Cross & Joftus was one of five organizations selected by the state of Texas as an approved provider of strategic planning services for the lowest performing schools in the state. C&J is also an approved service provider in Illinois as a subcontractor to American Institutes of Research (AIR).

Cross & Joftus Selected as Service Provider for Schools in Need of Improvement in Kansas and Illinois

Cross & Joftus was awarded a two-year contract by the Kansas State Department of Education to provide services to all 27 districts and 38 schools in the state that have been identified for improvement. We have also been selected by the California Department of Education as a service provider for districts in the state that have been identified for improvement (see press release) and by the Texas Education Agency as a service provider for schools receiving School Improvement Grants. Find out how Cross & Joftus can support the improvement process in your state or district. Read more about The Learning Network and School System Improvement

Christopher Cross updates his ground-breaking book Political Education: National Policy Comes of Age

In an updated edition of his book, Political Education: National Policy Comes of Age, Christopher Cross incorporates new material as Congress approaches reauthorization of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act and its first real review of No Child Left Behind. Given the importance of this expected shift in national policy, it is essential that both policy makers and educators understand the forces that have shaped federal K-12 policy over the last half-century. Watch the author speak about his book at Teachers College at Columbia University.

Cross & Joftus produces testimonial video about The Learning Network in Kansas.

Educators and administrators from across the state of Kansas discuss the power of The Learning Network spurring and supporting school and district turnaround. Cross & Joftus currently works with all 27 districts and 38 schools in Kansas that are on improvement, corrective action, or restructuring.
See the video

Cross & Joftus Prepares for LAUSD Charter Special Education Summit

The LAUSD Charter Special Education Project team is holding a special education summit in Pasadena on August 5-6. School teams of special educators, general educators, administrators, paraprofessionals, and parents will learn and share best practices in research-based intervention models, instructional practices, and assisted technology. Read more

Nevada Governor Signs Critical Educational Bills into Law

In the State of Nevada, the Governor recently signed a number of bills designed to substantially reform education policy in the state. The bills are almost entirely based on recommendations that were incorporated in the report, “Nevada’s Promise,” that emerged from the work of a Blue Ribbon Task Force. C&J’s Chris Cross served as the senior adviser to the task force. Read more

Cross & Joftus Outlines the State of Education in Nevada

Christopher Cross, C&J Chairman, presented data on the state of education in Nevada to a salon meeting of Nevada Womens Philanthropy on January 12th in Las Vegas.
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