Our business model reflects three key tenets:

  • Direct involvement by one or more partners
  • Assistance from experienced senior consultants
  • Use of a virtual office

Direct partner involvement means your project will be guided by one or more of our firm’s partners.
Christopher T. Cross, Scott Joftus, Sharon Deich, and/or Jean-Claude Brizard lead each project to ensure the necessary attention and capacity for every client.

Assistance from experienced senior consultants ensures a high-performing team for each project we undertake. Our ad hoc use of these associates enables us to tap their specialized knowledge and talents for the short or long term depending on our clients’ changing needs. For some projects, we also work in partnership with other organizations that can provide needed expertise, high-quality support, and unbiased capacity for assessing problems and developing solutions.

Use of a virtual office enables us to minimize overhead costs. This approach frees up resources that can be directed toward ensuring expert staffing and generating strong products and services.