Early in 2004, Christopher T. Cross and Scott Joftus combined their knowledge and talents to provide education leaders with expert and customized assistance in evaluation, strategic planning, policy analysis and development, and school and district improvement. Sharon Deich joined Cross & Joftus in April 2007, enhancing the capabilities of the core team to focus on expanded learning opportunities and address financing issues central to the success of all reforms. Jean-Claude Brizard joined in July 2015, bringing his extensive experience in both school and district transformation and CTE and workforce development.

Over time, we have worked with different clients on diverse issues, including:

  • strategic planning;
  • school system improvement;
  • literacy;
  • teacher quality;
  • high school reform;
  • accountability and data systems;
  • public-private financing approaches;
  • student achievement gaps;
  • out-of-school time learning;
  • CTE and workforce development;
  • No Child Left Behind Act implementation;
  • science, technology, engineering, and math [STEM] strategies and
  • human resources design, human capital management, and educator effectiveness.

For some projects, we work in partnership with other organizations. For other projects, our firm engages associates to ensure the right expertise and experience.

Our continued success is based on two factors. First, we offer education leaders the small-firm advantage of working directly with our partners and the large-firm advantage of leveraging senior consultants with specialized knowledge and talents. Second, we combine rigorous analytical methods with innovative solutions. We promote a capacity-building approach that adds value to organizations long after their work with us has ended.