Why do so many education leaders turn to Cross & Joftus? Our firm couples unmatched experience with a highly personalized approach that ensures all clients receive the expert advice and assistance they need for success. We offer support in these six practice areas:

Career-Technical Education and Workforce Development
C&J works with states and districts, with attention to their unique needs and challenges, to develop and maintain the core set of conditions needed for change to occur successfully and sustainably for CTE students.

District and School Finance
C&J is helping districts to analyze budget and expenditure data to track, assess, and revise how their key resources (people, time and money) are deployed across and within individual schools.

Expanded Learning
Cross & Joftus works with cities, districts, foundations, and nonprofit organizations to develop approaches and secure financing for expanded learning initiatives that include out-of-school supports and services.

Policy Analysis and Development
C&J has decades of experience in the area of education policy at both the federal and state levels and have extensive experience in analyzing and developing policy and seeing it through to adoption, implementation, and evaluation.

School and District Transformation
C&J works in partnership with districts and their stakeholders to analyze and develop plans for reconfiguring core systems – instructional, human capital, finance and operations, data, and others – so that they work together to support the district’s overarching goals.

Special Education
C&J supports traditional public schools and public charter schools in a variety of ways to improve the education and services provided to students with disabilities.

The Learning Network for Schools and School Systems
Our firm helps states, districts, and schools increase student academic performance by conducting an in-depth systems review to identify tasks, functions, and programs that require attention and change and then providing technical assistance to support improvement.