Schools, districts, and states are challenged to ensure that all students, including those with disabilities, have access to an education that helps them achieve high academic standards. At the same time, educators and policy makers are facing pressure to “do more with less,” while meeting state and federal laws and regulations. Led by a team of national special education experts with experience working in District of Columbia, Huntsville, Indianapolis, Los AngelesSyracuse, and across the states of California and Kansas, Cross & Joftus supports traditional public schools and public charter schools in a variety of ways to improve the education and services provided to students with disabilities:

1. Conducting comprehensive needs assessments of schools and districts, including analyses of classroom-based teaching and learning strategies.

2. Supporting schools and districts to identify, implement, and continuously improve instructional and support models that promote achievement of all students, including those with disabilities. (This occurs by supporting a balance of educational benefit and ensuring students and families’ procedural rights.)

3. Creating networks of schools, districts, and related organizations (e.g., charter management organizations) to support implementation of strategies related to leadership, culture, curriculum and instruction, assessment, use of data, tiered interventions, and professional development.

For more details on C&J’s work to support high-quality special education services, please download this brochure.